Journey On

It has been such an incredible year, so first and foremost I want to share how grateful I am. I feel truly blessed that even when it felt like I was pedaling with all my might and going nowhere, the universe was placing the right people and the right doors in my path. As many of you know I am a very spiritual person and I consult regularly with a greater being I call God. When I first left my corporate job to test the waters in the freelance world, it was after a good one-on-one with the universe as I stared out into the vast sea in Monterrey. Supported by some of the most amazing family and friends I went into the unknown, and boy was it challenging. I was lucky that my first attempt to pretend to know what I was doing, I was accompanied by a very good friend who believed in my craziness. Together we navigated through everything that goes into launching a business. From our business license to our first contract we shared the same headaches, tears, and joy. When our personal lives began to take us in separate directions we said goodbye to everything we had accomplished and welcomed with open arms the next phases in our lives. For me, it was launching Vivanti Event Planning. It meant I had to start back at zero, with nada, from the bottom up. Starting from scratch again turned out to be one of the best things ever, even if it meant having to re-do so much work. It meant that I had to go back and refine my skills and find a greater purpose in everything I was doing. It also meant leaning on my professional network, my familia, friends, and God. With a positive state of mind and the grit to get things done I launched into a world I yearned to belong to, if only someone gave me a chance. I did not receive only one chance, I received many. I still have no idea, how ‘lil ol me worked with organizations such as Telemundo 48, The CA Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, the Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Pink Lemonade, The Boys and Girls Club, and even a National Organization such as Building Diversity in Science for their National Women’s Math Event: Infinite Possibilities Conference….to name a few. When I returned from Oregon State University, after the completion of a year of work on the National Women’s Math Conference, I knew. I knew that I loved working with great organizations. I knew I wanted to become an industry expert in Organizational Event Planning. I also knew I had a very *very long way to go. And so began the journey that I am on today. I worked like crazy to feel qualified to even apply for the organization I work with now, New Tech Network. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it is an organization that is revolutionizing education. I love going into work every day and interacting with some of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever met. I, of course, love that I get to do what I love: event planning. So that brings me to today. Although my freelance availability is now greatly *greatly limited— I can’t deny how passionate I feel about Vivanti. So here I am, honoring this part of my heart. I have a very long road ahead of me and much work to do, but I've decided to bring you along on my journey. Some day, maybe 35 years from now, I hope to be revolutionizing the world of events. I hope to make you proud and hope I make a difference. Peace and Love, -Alma

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